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21 - Audience Q&A

1. Pat: do you really believe that two penguins walked all the way from Antartica to get on the ark?

2. Carl: Hi. Do you know who the Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation is referring to”

3. Anonymous: I get really scared sometimes. Does God leave us? I'm very scared if the unpardonable sin. I think I might have religious OCD. I get these really bad thoughts about God and Jesus. I've been crying very much lately and sometimes feel alone. Do you have any advice?

4. Tatee: What do you say about the tithe?

5. Chad: a big glaring error is in genesis on the third day god created plants and trees and on the fourth day it created the sun and moon. The sun formed billions of years before plants and trees.

6. Dan: Why do Christians misunderstand that praying for someone without consent is a form of spiritual violation to those if non-Christian faith, and can even be a form of abuse or harassment to those that ARE Christian?

7. Bret: Where in the Bible does it say that life begins at conception? Jesus never said anything about it, and it can't be Old Testament, because in the Jewish tradition, life begins with the first breath.

8. Kelly: Can you please point to where Jesus said to disallow poor and homeless people from sleeping on the steps of the church? If not why do so many churches have no-loitering rules that we all know are simply anti-homeless rules?

9. Scott: Is it true (as I've heard) that in the earliest known Greek gospels the text as written says that Jesus said at one point, "I am A son of God," but that this passage was later translated (read: changed) to say, "I am THE son of God." ??

10. Jon: Did Santa Write the Bible?


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